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3.10.05 09:33



Push The Botton

[Verse 1]
I'm busy throwing hints that he keeps missing
Don't have to think about it, wanna kiss
And everything about it but he's too distant
I wanna feel his body
I can't resist it
I know my hidden looks can be deceiving
But how obvious should a girl be?
I was taken by the early conversation piece
And i really like the way that he respect me

I've been waiting patintley for him to come and get it
I wonder if he knows that he can say it and I'm with it
I knew I had my mind made up from the very beginning
Catch this opportunity so you and me can feel it coz

If you're ready for me boy
You'd better push the botton and let me know
Before I get the wrong idea and go
You're gonna miss the freak that i control

I'm busy showing him what hes been missing
I'm kind of showing off for his full attention
My sexy ass has got him in a new dimension
I'm ready to do something to relieve this mission

After waiting patientley for him to come and get it
He came over and asked me if I wanted to get with him
I knew i had my mind made up fromthe very beginning
Won't miss this opportunity so you and me can feel it coz


I've been dropping so many hints
You're still not getting it
Now that you've herd everything I have to say
Where we gonna go from here?

[Chorus X3]

7.10.05 18:20

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